Words of the World

Judith Still
Judith Still is a Professor of French and Critical Theory. Her range of research interests include feminism and hospitality.
David Norris
David Norris is the head of the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies and has a particular research interest in Serbian culture.
Zahera Harb
Zahera Harb is a Lebanese academic and journalist. She has worked on various projects and is currently researching "liberation propaganda".
Monica White
Monica White is a lecturer in Russian and Slavonic Studies. Her interests include cults of military saints in the medieval Orthodox world.
Tony Kapcia
Tony Kapcia is a leading expert on modern Cuba, including its history and politics. He also lectures about other parts of Latin Amercia.
Magnus Brechtken
Cynthia Marsh is an expert on Russian drama and literature. She won a Lord Dearing Award for outstanding teaching at the University of Nottingham.
Magnus Brechtken
Magnus Brechtken is an expert on German history and politics. He has been based at the University of Nottingham since 2002.
John Marks
John Marks' previous research has included the significance of contemporary French thought, particularly the work of Michel Foucualt and Gilles Deleuze.
Jean Andrews
Jean Andrews has a wide range of research interests, including poetry, Hispanic religious painting and 19th century opera.
Christopher Johnson
Stephanie Lewthwaite is a lecturer in American History.
Christopher Johnson
Professor Christopher Johnson's research interests include contemporary French thought and the philosophy of technology.
Katherine Shingler
Katherine Shingler's research interests include 'visuality' in writing, illustration, typography and interaction between literature and the visual arts.
Paul Smith
Historian Paul Smith specialises in 19th and 20th century French politics, institutions and political culture.
Zoe Trodd
Zoe Trodd is Professor and Chair of American Literature in the Department of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham.
Matthew Pethers
Matthew Pethers is a Lecturer in American Intellectual and Cultural History, particularly interested in the period from the early eighteenth century and the Civil War.
Gillian Roberts
Gillian Roberts is a Lecturer in North American Cultural Studies.
Catherine Davies discussing a mojiti
Catherine Davies (seen here discussing a mojito) is a Professor of Hispanic and Latin American Studies.
Jeremy Lawrance
Professor Jeremy Lawrance is head of the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies.
Xiaohui Yuan
Dr Xiaohui Yuan is course director for the MA in Translation and Interpreting (Chinese-English) at the
School of Modern Languages and Cultures.
Heike Bartel
Heike Bartel studies mythology and myth reception from 18th to 20th centuries, with particular focus on the story of Medea.
Mac Daly
Macdonald Daly is fascinated by radio and currenty working on a book about BBC Radio 4.
Nicola McLelland
Australian-born Nicola McLelland is an associate professor in German with a particular interest in linguistics.
Dirk Goettsche
Dirk Goettsche is an expert on German novel and narrative writing since the mid-18th century.
Bernard McGuirk
Bernard McGuirk is a well-respected academic and teacher... And a Commander of the Order of Merit in Portugal!
Stephen Roberts
Stephen Roberts is an associate professor in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies.
Fabienne Chevalier
Fabienne Chevalier is interested in sociolinguistics and conversation analysis.
Mark Sabine
Mark Sabine's numerous research interests include the historical novels of José Saramago, the writing of Fernando Pessoa and the poet Al Berto.
Neal Curtis
Neal Curtis researches issues in contintental philosophy and cultural theory, addressing topics such as war, sovereignty and technology.
James Helgeson
James Helgeson is a lecturer in French and Franophone Studies and one of his research interests is the concept of "self".
Brady Haran
Video journalist Brady Haran makes the videos.
His other award-winning projects include the Periodic Table of Videos.